The Board

North Shore VertiGals Board

In June 2018, the North Shore VertiGals incorporated and began electing board members who volunteer their free time to run the VertiGals! Now, elections occur at the beginning of each year. If you’re curious about how the organization is run or having trouble sleeping at night, check out our bylaws. We also have an outline of board member roles here. Roles can always be adapted to the individuals filling the roles.

Executive Officers:

Officers at Large with ongoing roles:

There are also several committees that meet and operate as needed, and tons of other volunteers that have helped and/or help with tasks as needed.

Board Meetings

The board typically meets once a month, at rotating locations. All board meetings are open to anyone, so join us! For more details about each meeting, check our Facebook events, Calendar, or contact us!

  • Mon. March 25th 5:45pm – Perk Place (pre-yoga)
  • Tues. April 30th, 7pm – host tbd
  • Mon. May 27th, 5:45pm – Perk Place (pre-yoga)
  • Tues. June 25th, 7pm – host tbd
  • Mon. July 29th, 7pm – host tbd
  • Tues. Aug. 27th, 7pm – host tbd
  • Mon. Sept. 30, 5:45pm – Perk Place (pre-yoga)
  • Tues. Oct. 29th, 7pm – host tbd
  • Mon. Nov. 25, 5:45pm – Perk Place (pre-yoga)

The VertiGals are always looking for new board members and volunteers! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities for more details!


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